Drive revenue by being found online, generating oodles of reviews, and retargeting customers through text campaigns. 
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Collect & Manage Reviews
  • Collect Reviews From Customers
  •  Stop Unhappy Customers From Leaving Negative Reviews
  • Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, etc...
Measure and Understand CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  • Improve Business Processes By Understanding and Proactively Responding to Feedback from Customers.
  •  Use Customer Data to Improve Operations, and Drive Revenue
  • Track Customer Satisfaction Over Time
Run Text Campaigns on autopilot
  • Generate More Revenue by Easily Setting Up Promotions, Coupons, and Discounts for Customers
  • Nurture Customers That Already Love Your Brand and Biz
  • Stay Front-of-Mind With Customers By Creating Familiarity
WINBACK Customers 
  • Delight customers with immediate responses to concerns
  •  Use the app to intercept messages from unhappy customers
  • Resolve negative feedback before it reaches the masses
automatically collect Information about your customers
  • Collect And Respond To Customer Feedback
  • Collect Phone Numbers For Interaction
  • Collect And Utilize Email Addresses For Future Campaigns
'We have been using the services at Tuple for over a year now and it is incredible to see the growth of our business. We have experienced a 25% growth in just the last 12 months alone. We just received a $6,200.00 job just last week as a matter of fact, because of our Google reviews. Thank you Cody and the team at Tuple for doing an incredible job.'
-Jeff Lauder (Jeff Lauder Cubes)
'These guys are on top of their game. They understand small business. They care about taking care of our needs. They teach and listen as provide solutions. If you are looking for help and growth. Tuple is a wonderful resource and a great team member.'
-Michael Glassford
'We actually get more traffic and we’re hearing what we need to improve on. It’s been helpful to get both negative and positive feedback so that we know how to improve and make our office better.'
- Melissa Hernandez (WeeKare Pediatrics)
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